About us

Londonshoppingdeals.co.uk is an online business driven by a digital agency, with experience in digital marketing services.

We are using content from the affiliated networks to connect the brands with the most relevant content from different categories and offering the best price to the consumer.

Londonshoppingdeals.co.uk is the connection between customers, and affiliate networks from UK. Londonshoppingdeals.co.uk is not a store front.

We bring most of global retailers in one website. The customer benefits by buying trough us are the low prices, discounts, voucher codes, clearances, reductions and special offers from our partners.

We reach our consumer audience via desktop and mobile devices, through a network of digital publisher partners. We are not stocking, nor selling directly or delivering products to the customers.

All the products are on sale from different retailers (3rd party retailers, affiliate shops or private sellers through our networks – offering the discounts, special offers, reduced prices, clearance, and best offers for our customers) and other retailer networks.

Terms:  All terms and conditions, privacy, dispute, delivery – returns are related with the retailer’s website with our full support.  London Shopping Deals is not selling any products outside of the affiliate programs.

Privacy: We are Not engaging in Any Card transactions, all the transactions are made on each Retailer’s Website. We do Not Collecting Card Data. We are collecting personal data,like phone numbers, emails with the purpose of marketing campaigns. We have a NDS agreement to other parties and we are respecting GDPR

Returns: Return Items You Ordered: You can return many items sold on Londonstoredeals.co.uk. When you return an item, you may see different return options depending on the seller, item, or reason for returning the items.

Customer Support: We offer Customer Support 24/7 Monday through to Sunday, with fast reply back in less than 12hrs.

To make a comment on your experience, asking a question, or telling us you’re not happy with a product, order or service you’ve received from Londonshoppingdeals.co.uk, please contact us through the contact form or you contact via email at:  contact@londonshoppingdeals.co.uk . We aim to respond to your email within few hours of receipt.

Thank you for using London Shopping Deals!